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Lych Gate

Lychgate Memorial Project

Final Report October 2018

Introduction and activities carried out to date

The construction project began in April 2018 with the ordering of the timber for the oak frame. Woodwork and carving got underway offsite by local craftsman Mark Goldsworthy who is based in Bungay. Please see picture below of the construction which happened off-site.

Stone samples were provided and ordered via another Norfolk based craftsman, Nick Hindle Stonemasons.

The foundations of the lychgate itself were dug under the supervision of an archaeologist and concreted in (see pictures below). The foundations were filled in on safety grounds, pending further works.

In order to fulfil planning conditions, Chedgrave Parish Council had to make an application to South Norfolk Council (SNC) Planning Department to discharge the planning conditions in respect of the archaeological works and the proposed materials, this incurred additional cost and caused some delay to the project but eventually all conditions were discharged.

Full construction work was carried out during September with the stones being put into position, brick and flint work carried out, again by a local building firm, with the final addition of the oak structure and roof.

In addition, related work (but funded separately) has been carried out to the approach to the site of the lychgate to improve the general appearance, seating and access to the area.

Local schools were approached to help with the creation of a time capsule to be buried beneath the lychgate as a historical marker should future generations ever excavate the area. Other items in the time capsule include the parish plan, a local bus timetable, memorabilia from the Queen’s jubilee, items from Langley School and a local history book.

After completion, dedication ceremony took place on 30thSeptember 2018. All members of the local community were invited and it was led by Reverend David Owens of Chet Valley Churches and will included the local community and other groups such as the Royal British Legion, representatives from and Langley School CCF as well as members of local government. The grand-daughter and grand-son of one of those named on the memorial also attended. Some local children placed the time-capsule in the hope that they may be present when it is un-earthed in 50 years time!


Lychgate Memorial Project

Joint Lychgate Minutes 2.9.15








**********LYCH GATE**********
We are extremely proud to announce that the remainder of funding required has been secured from Wren enabling us to construct the Lych Gate to commemorate the fallen of Chedgrave. Thanks to all those that have supported this project and given so generously.
We Will Remember Them
The Great War 1914-1918
Edwin George Hunt Beckham (Royal Garrison Artillery)
James John Fuller (Norfolk Regiment)
Free Easter (Norfolk Regiment)
The War of 1939-1945
Stanley Douglas Goodyear (Dorsetshire Regiment)
Robert Richard Goulty (Royal Air Force)
Harry Algernon Seamons (Royal Norfolk Regiment)
Albert Edward Hamilton Starman (Royal Norfolk Regiment)
Their Name Liveth For Evermore