Beckett, Frederick William.  The Street    T4/084175 Cpl.  669 Co., 4th Cavalry Reserve ASC

Beckett, Reginald Walter.  Norwich Rd.   1746 Pte 1st Royal West Kents (The Buffs)

Beckett, William Noel.  Norwich Rd.    32994 Sgt.  63 Co. Royal Garrison Artillery

Bloomfield, Albert Victor.  The Common.   11093 Pte.  13th Royal Sussex Regt.

Carver, Henry Edward.   The Street.  T5/6331 S. Smith 9th Aux Horse Co.  ASC

Clarke, Alfred.  The Street. M/315981  Pte.  MT.   ASC

Clarke, Walter. The Street.  115114 Pte.  Sadler   Royal Field Artillery 

Dupuis, Charles Edward.  Manor House.  Lt-Col.  Royal Engineers

Fairhead, Albert Ernest.  Norwich Road.    127202 Pte. 9th Batt.  Machine Gun Corp

Fairhead, Arthur William.  Norwich Road.  SE/5948 A/Sgt.  Army Veterinary Corp

Fleming, Arthur Harloe Wynne.  The Rectory.  2nd Lieut.  5th Batt, Norfolk Regt.

Fleming, Richard Fitz-Thomas.  The Rectory.   Temp. Chaplain.

Frary, Edgar.  The Street.    34667 Pte.  11th Batt. The Essex Regt.

Frary, William Jnr.   Near Church.  020209 Pte. 31st Ord. Workshop.  LAOC

Goddard, John Norton.  The Street.  178073 Gnr.  “A” Siege Depot,  Royal Garrison Artillery

Holmes, William Edgar.  Near Church. 131888 Spr.  Mis Details  Royal Engineers.

Howell, Edward.  Broom Farm.  49387 Pte.  393(HS)  Labour Company

Perry, William Henry.   Chedgrave Manor. M2/048298 Pte.  9th GHQ. Res Co.  MT.  ASC

Pipe, George Arthur.  Lye’s Heath.  302134 Pte. 1st Co.  4th Div. Train ASC

Redgrave, Bertie.  Village.  13014 Sgt. 5th  Batt. Royal Fusiliers.

Redgrave, Frank.  Village. 460038 Gnr. 2sect. Royal Field Artillery.

Russell, John.   Village.  334445 Pte. 436th  Argic. Co.

Saunders, Arthur Cecil.  The Street. 111849  Royal Garrison Artillery

Sergeant, Fred.  The Street.   82463 Gnr. 51st Baty. 39th Bde., Royal Field Artillery.

Sergeant, Robert.  Village. R191 AB., 63rd R. N. Div. Command Depot.

Smith, Arnold Edward.   Village.  535865 Pte. 429th Agric. Co,

Suffolk, Ernest Sydney.  The Street.   224062 Clerk. Seaplane station Dundee, RAF

Warnes, Reginald.  The Street. 18480  Pte.  9th Batt. Norfolk Regt.

Whitby, William Guy.  The Street.  145775 Pte. Machine Gun Corp.

White, William George.   Norwich Road.   T/329393 Dvr.  380th Co. ASC. 

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